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Apr 06

EK Spotlight: 111 Minna Gallery

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The first amazing gallery spotlight we’re shining is on 111 Minna Gallery, a San Francisco institution that has been around since 1993, specifically known for its focus on underground, low brow, edgy and often controversial art. Micah LeBrun, the curator of this laid back gallery, speaks with us about their selection process and the interplay between art as art, art as business, and the internet.

Hey Micah, can you tell us about the vision or philosophy behind the 111 Minna Gallery? Do you think it has or will change over time?

I think Eiming’s original vision was to provide a low-key, warm, non-pretentious and family oriented environment to patrons around art and music. He initially made the gallery a place that felt like home to him and offered that freely to the community. Over time, 111 Minna became a meeting place for local talent that included all types of artists, designers and musicians and would later grow to gain international acclaim among more underground and urban art scenes around the globe.