Opening Reception Friday, February 6 2015 5pm-Late (Through Feb. 28)

Self Portrait by Michael Reedy (above)

A Group Exhibition Featuring:
Adam Caldwell, Mike Davis, Ursula Xanthe Young, Monty Guy, Jonny Ruzzo, Melissa Morgan, Michael Reedy, Melanie Alves, Rockford Orvin, Hannah Yata, 
Lee Harvey Roswell, NoMe Edonna, Ryan Malley, Martin Olive, Mike Shine, Brianna Angelakis, Reuben Rude, John Waguespack, Nate Van Dyke, Micah LeBrun, Jonathan Wayshak, Jaxon Northon, Paul Hayes, Carlo Fantin, Erik Alos, Calvin Lai, Josh Thurman, Sam Grant

IMPERFECT CONTINUUM | Steven Vasquez Lopez & William Edwards

Opening Reception: Friday, April 3rd 2015 | 5-11pm | On display through 4/25/15 Steven Vasquez Lopez The first-generation son of a Mexican-American seamstress and mechanic, my early obsession with architecture, manual labor and bold fashion continues in my studio practice of hard-edged graphic acrylic painting and meticulous ink drawings. Pushing the cannon of Chicano art beyond […]


DREAM AWAY | Jason Mitchell Solo Show

Opening Reception: Friday, May 1st 2015 | 5-11pm | On display through May 30th

Jason Mitchell | Artist Statement

I am fascinated with the journey that includes an awakening of one’s self. With Dream Away, I wanted to capture the sense of a being who was emerging, being pushed from one reality to another, traveling through a between state on their way to complete a metamorphosis. I ask my subjects to explore a loss of control, but a sense that they are being guided, pushed and pulled by another sentient being, as they make their way to a new self. They represent the soul of a magical creature on a journey through the limbo that connects their past understandings to this new unknown.