ACTING FUNNY | Curated by Andres Guerrero

Opening Reception Friday, March 6th 2015 5pm-Late (Through March 29th)

Acting Funny Promo Image

A group exhibition featuring: Tim Diet, Alan Gonzalez, Alejandro Diaz, Chloe Kovska, Mark Drew

IMPERFECT CONTINUUM | Steven Vasquez Lopez & William Edwards

Opening Reception: Friday, April 3rd 2015 | 5-11pm | On display through 4/25/15 Steven Vasquez Lopez The first-generation son of a Mexican-American seamstress and mechanic, my early obsession with architecture, manual labor and bold fashion continues in my studio practice of hard-edged graphic acrylic painting and meticulous ink drawings. Pushing the cannon of Chicano art beyond […]


DREAM AWAY | Jason Mitchell Solo Show

Opening Reception: Friday, May 1st 2015 | 5-11pm | On display through May 30th

Jason Mitchell | Artist Statement

I am fascinated with the journey that includes an awakening of one’s self. With Dream Away, I wanted to capture the sense of a being who was emerging, being pushed from one reality to another, traveling through a between state on their way to complete a metamorphosis. I ask my subjects to explore a loss of control, but a sense that they are being guided, pushed and pulled by another sentient being, as they make their way to a new self. They represent the soul of a magical creature on a journey through the limbo that connects their past understandings to this new unknown.