OCT | Alec Huxley & David Lyle

7 SALOONS 3 BROTHELS 1 POST OFFICE Paintings & Photographs by Alec Huxley (download preview)
DAMAGED GOODS (download preview) Paintings (Past & Present) by David Lyle
Opening Reception:Friday Oct. 2nd 5-Late w/ DJ Spaziale

"Charon" by Alec Huxley | Acrylic on Canvas | 18" x 24" | 2015

“Charon” by Alec Huxley | Acrylic on Canvas | 18″ x 24″ | 2015

"Art Imitates Life" by David Lyle | Oil on Panel | 26" x 38" | 2015

“Art Imitates Life” by David Lyle | Oil on Panel | 26″ x 38″ | 2015

Alec Huxley is a San Francisco based artist focusing primarily on representational paintings, anchored by haunting land and cityscapes definitively of the American West Coast and the ghostly remnants of it’s historic migration.

These cinematic backdrops serve as theater for wild animals, space travelers and other drifting, masked figures as well as imperfect records of place, time and architecture.

For this exhibit Alec also brings forth his experience as a photographer to explore similar narrative scenes in a medium already solidified and intertwined with his painting practice. Sculptural work related to the exploration of these archetypal narratives, some used in the commission of the paintings and photos, will also be on display.

Alec is self taught painter with experience in printing, graphic design and photography.


David Ball AF #1


David Ball was born and raised in Connecticut, and studied illustration and art history at Massachusetts College of Art. He moved to San Francisco in 1994, initially working a year in the animation industry. From 1995-2004, he freelanced as an editorial illustrator for US and international publishers. Since then, he has focused exclusively on gallery shows and his work as an instructor at the Academy of Art University.
Jeremy Nichols was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1982. He spent most of his youth in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. After high school, he went to the Ohio State University to study printmaking under Charels Massey jr. and Philip von Rabbe. Shortly after he graduated with a BFA, he moved to Portland,Oregon where he is currently working, drawing, painting, and staring at walls.
Alex Gardner is a contemporary artist born and raised in Los Angeles. Using personal experiences as inspiration, he aims to create relatable visual narratives through stark figurative compositions.


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