ACTING FUNNY | Curated by Andres Guerrero

Opening Reception Friday, March 6th 2015 5pm-Late (Through March 29th)

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A group exhibition featuring: Tim Diet, Alan Gonzalez, Alejandro Diaz Ayala, Chloe Kovska, Mark Drew



A Group Exhibition Featuring:
Adam Caldwell, Mike Davis, Ursula Xanthe Young, Monty Guy, Jonny Ruzzo, Melissa Morgan, Michael Reedy, Melanie Alves, Rockford Orvin, Hannah Yata, 
Lee Harvey Roswell, NoMe Edonna, Ryan Malley, Martin Olive, Mike Shine, Brianna Angelakis, Reuben Rude, John Waguespack, Nate Van Dyke, Micah LeBrun, Jonathan Wayshak, Jaxon Northon, Paul Hayes, Carlo Fantin, Erik Alos, Calvin Lai

This exhibition aims to focus on the ever-iconic portrait and showcase a variety of styles and creative disciplines in relaying and giving reverence to the historical power of the portrait. From the classic hard lit, fade to black style portraiture to the ultra stylized, graphic depictions of iconic individuals by the likes of Warhol and others, it has been made apparent that careful thought to rendering and overall presentation of a portrait can stand the test of time and live on well beyond the subject. 

For this show, the participating artists will offer their own unique approach to the portrait. Although creating their own spin on known icons, the artists have also been encouraged to create portraits of “Strangers” or “Nobodies” whom they’ve never met or actually don’t exist in an effort to give these strange people a life of their own and a chance to live on.


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